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As Guardian Wealth Management continue to grow its front line staff levels and deliver diversification across its brands and services, I am extremely excited to welcome on-board 7 new and highly ambitious graduates to the GWM Group.

Their journey has been far from easy, as the commencement of this took place at the beginning of the year when GWM Group opened the 2017 GWM Graduate Academy and received over 2,000 applications from across the UK alone.

GWM have always known the level of talent they are actively looking for, and therefore were extremely rigorous with their selection process. After a number of assessment days and interview stages, GWM finally shortlisted the graduates to the successful 7.

Our new graduate team were then invited to attend a 3 day initial onboarding course hosted by Myself in Mayfair, London, to ensure each and every individual was fully prepared to go out into the field and enjoy the commencement of their careers at GWM Group with their local management teams.

During the initial 3 days, I was joined by GWMs Number 1. Tyla Phillips, who gave them a clear and exceptionally strong insight on what is achievable and expected within the GWM Group.

I believe that our Graduates have been extremely fortunate as this position provides them direct access to industry leaders, an exclusive business proposition, our new e-learning Academy and so much more, to help them further develop their knowledge to the highest levels and abilities to provide chartered financial advice.

Once the 3 day Graduate Academy was complete, each member flew out to their new destination ready for the start of the most amazing journey of their lives. They look forward to working within their teams across Dubai, Geneva and Northern Territories, and have a clear mindset of what they need to do to achieve both their personal and professional goals.

There is a very strong connection between the fresh perspectives that graduates possess and the ideas for new business innovation and opportunities, therefore GWM look forward to embracing our youth and driving the business to the next level.

I am exceptionally excited of the results from the GWM Graduate Academy and look forward to seeing our graduates succeed alongside our experienced advisers and management team, with immediate effect.

For more information on training and development of your teams, please reach out to me personally.