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GWM has announced the launch of their new in-house developed automated financial planner. This market leading technology will be made available to all GWM advisers and their clientele worldwide with immediate effect.

Mike Coady, Chief Commercial Officer at Guardian Wealth Management adds “Over the last decade I have witnessed firsthand financial planning calculations via a very manual process with a set of formulae, unjustified assumptions and outdated statistics. A client however increasingly expects this information at their fingertips in seconds, both credible and comprehendible. This has necessitated the advisers at GWM to reimagine the financial planning process from a client’s perspective.

Matching GWM’s high advice standards with evolving client expectations, the technical team, in conjunction with the advice teams, have tirelessly worked on a market first automated financial planning tool prioritizing the inherent simplicity and accuracy.

While the client needs to state their financial goals, the automated planner then does all the hard work in a matter of seconds. Accounting for inflation, discounting rates, foreign exchange forecasts and other economic parameters, the planner will present the client with options for savings and investments, integration of current assets and post retirement income plans.

Coady adds, “The automated financial planner furthers GWM’s competitive edge in the quickly growing wealth management arena. The tool will be made available to all GWM clients over a spectrum of multichannel platforms to facilitate the ease of modern financial planning.”

The system has been rigorously tested by advisers, positively welcomed by clients, and will benchmark higher standards of client servicing and automation in international financial planning.”

Coady concludes, “The automated financial planner is one of the many tools being launched in Q4 across GWM’s suite of wealth management services. And with a client-centered vision in mind, this suite will only grow exponentially.”