Today we’ve announced expansion plans for the European Communications Centre (ECC), the pioneering support facility for deVere’s Western Europe division.  The number of staff, we have confirmed this morning, is due to increase by 25 per cent or more during the first half of 2014.

Launched back in November 2012 the ECC, located in Mijas Costa in southern Spain, offers ongoing back-up and a comprehensive set of support services for our Europe-based financial advisers.  This means that they are able to do what they do best – helping their clients secure their long-term financial goals.

Speaking to SUR in English, continental Europe’s most-read English language newspaper, Kerry Newcombe, the Head of ECC, said: “Due to continued and growing demand for deVere’s services from expatriates and internationally-based clients in countries including Spain, the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany, the company has taken on more talented financial advisers across Europe.”

The ECC is looking primarily for Account Executives to join the team in this latest recruitment drive.  Successful applicants will be talented, motivated, dedicated individuals, who share the deVere winning mentality.

News of the expansion of the ECC hits the headlines at the same time as deVere Group globally announces a record number of funds under its advice, now totalling $10 billion, and a jump of 10,000 in its client base, which now stands at 80,000 clients worldwide.

To find out more about joining the European Communications Centre, and becoming a part of deVere Group’s continued success, have a look at this video.