Earlier this week, whilst visiting the deVere team in Geneva, I was invited on to the Swiss financial television station, Dukascopy TV, for an interview about various financial planning matters.

In the interview the host, Doireann McDermott, asked me what a financial adviser should be doing for their clients.  I said that when we meet a new client, the first task is to find out where they are today and where they want to get to in the future, and learn about – and understand – their objectives, goals and concerns.   It is then our job to move them between those two points in the most effective way possible.

I highlighted that as advisers we should be taking a holistic approach to financial planning from protecting a client’s assets, which is often themselves, education and retirement planning and investment portfolio management.

On a regular basis, I told the interviewer, we typically find that our clients like to engage with us face to face every three to four months to ensure that their planning strategy and portfolio adapts to any changes in their circumstances, and they are constantly made aware of the latest opportunities that exist within the market.

When I was asked how far an adviser should “push” their client, I suggested that the word “push” was perhaps too strong although a good adviser is a strong one, meaning that sometimes an adviser needs to help a client understand that what they need is not always immediately what they are wishing for.

As a financial adviser, sometimes, you need to encourage a client to make tough choices and, as such, it’s essential there is a strong rapport and trust between adviser and client.