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This week deVere United Kingdom announced a 51 per cent year-to-date revenue increase, compared to the same time period in 2014.

As covered by the International Adviser, and others, this rise is due to a number of reasons, notably with deVere United Kingdom increasing its offerings, an ongoing demand from clients, as well as the country’s healthy economy.

Naturally, I’m thrilled with this 51 per cent revenue increase, as at the beginning of 2015 we set out strategic plans to considerably enhance our position in the UK this year and beyond.  These figures show that we have achieved our objectives thus far.

As I mentioned earlier, a continual rise in client demand is one of the primary factors which has led to this upsurge.  People are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity for sound, independent financial advice in order to reach their long-term financial goals.

Demand has also risen as with deVere Group being the global market leaders in expatriate wealth solutions, we’ve consequently seen an upward trend of British expats and foreign nationals returning to the UK, albeit perhaps temporarily, due to Britain’s upbeat economy.

Other significant reasons for this revenue increase are that we are committing substantial extra resources to our operations.

We are recruiting additional independent financial advisers, paraplanners and administration staff to cater to rising demand.  We are also allocating further investment to technology, and have launched of standalone brands such as deVere Mortgages.

At the end of last month, deVere Mortgages reported a 43 per cent increase in applications between June and July, compared to the month before, with the majority of new enquiries coming from people overseas.  Rumours of interest rate hikes, currency weakness and post-election pick-up were the main factors for this increase.

As such, I’m confident deVere United Kingdom’s growth will continue to rise, as we work towards increasing our presence in the UK market by using our resources to meet advancing client expectations and legislative and regulatory environments.


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