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As I highlighted in a previous blog, after a decade with deVere Group in the Middle East and Western Europe, I moved to the UK earlier this year to head up deVere United Kingdom, and focus on this market that presents enormous growth potential.

As such, within our strategic plans to further enhance our presence across Britain, we at deVere United Kingdom and deVere Mortgages are now centering our ethos on a set of business principles.

Based on the time-honoured cornerstones of people, business, culture, vision, community and empowerment, these principles are the foundation of our business philosophy as we strive to bring clients total security and peace of mind through world-class products and services, the most rigorous standards of service, categorical honesty and industry-leading professionalism.

Our business principles:


Our clients

Everything we do is directly centred around our clients and their needs. We firmly believe that by serving our clients in the best way we can we will be rewarded with the success our endeavours demand. As we strive for excellence, our client’s interests always come first.

Our team

We are acutely aware that we are in a people business and take great pride in the professionalism of our staff and their work. We endeavour to train and develop the best – the best Independent Financial Advisors and the best support staff – and reward all on the merit they deserve. We operate a culture of genuine meritocracy.

Our investment in training and development

We have one of the most envied internal training systems in the financial sector. Every member of staff is encouraged to realise their full potential through on-going professional and personal development initiatives, mentoring, formal industry qualifications, and management and graduate training schemes that bring real-world, tangible benefits to them and in consequence to our clients.

Our leadership

All our leadership team lead by example. In this way, through greater discipline and greater drive we bring a higher standard to everything we do. Our clients, the industry and the media look to us for the way forward. We are recognised as leaders in our sector and take on this responsibility with the gravity it deserves. Our goal is for the greater good of our clients and by consequence for the betterment of the financial industry within which we operate. By thinking this way, and through greater discipline and drive, we set the industry standard that all others follow.

Our open door policy

We are an equal opportunities employer and as such our employment policy recognises the diversity of communities within which we work. By employing people from different backgrounds and with different talents, our company is culturally richer, more inclusive and more able to serve our clients, wherever in the world they may be.


Our assets

We recognise that our assets are our staff and their collective knowledge upon which our reputation for excellence has been built. We have an unswerving commitment to maintain and develop this asset bank through fairness, positive energy and optimism for the benefit of our clients.

Our innovation

We consider the judicious deployment of technology a key factor in our growth. Technology enables us to innovate – but never at the cost of one to one relationships with our clients. Technology is a facilitator, not a replacement for personal service.

Our drive for excellence

We are united in our aim to deliver a flawless service that is free from mistakes or misguided bias. Our IFAs are rewarded on their motivation and achievements. Our industry is, quite rightly, highly competitive and we aggressively seek to build our client base but never to the denigration of other competing organisations.


Our ability to question

We have a culture based on challenging the status quo which demands creativity and imagination. We don’t ask why things are but how we can continually make things better. By questioning, we have introduced many pioneering financial solutions and business models and practices that have become industry standards. And we recognise that this is just the beginning.

Our added value

We add value not just through our size and strength but through a set of values and behaviours that define the industry within which we lead. We have a supportive structure that enables everyone to reach their full potential and that directly enhances the service we offer.

Our energy and integrity

The financial services industry doesn’t stand still and neither do we. We have unrivalled energy not only to be part of the ongoing changes, whether they be legislative and regulatory for example, but to actually drive that evolution forward, and all without compromising our integrity.

Our commitment to transparency

We strive to offer a service that is clear, objective, simple, efficient and devoid of unnecessarily complex paperwork and excessive bureaucracy.


Our determination

We aim to surpass all expectations in everything we do. We take great pride in the professionalism and quality of our work and are singularly determined to continually improve the service we offer our clients.

Our ability to see ahead

We have an unparalleled expertise in the financial industry, fortified by our ability to take advantage of new services, products, legislation and economic and market trends before any others. We don’t just see ahead, we see round corners.

Our spirit of winning

We strive to always be first to market with new, robust financial solutions. We’re highly competitive and nothing makes us more proud than when we beat the competition and get there first for our clients in order to help them achieve their financial objectives in a changing world.

Our frontier spirit

We share one ambition, and that is to be present wherever there is demand for our services. This takes strength, knowledge and the kind of frontier spirit that doesn’t shy away from the economic complexities, complications and constraints that we face in various countries and economic regions.


Our responsibilities

We are all too aware that with our size comes not only an obligation but a great responsibility to take a leading role in re-investing in the communities that we serve to bring tangible benefits to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Our activities

We encourage all staff members to get involved in our philanthropy. From the simplest cash donation or charity event to incredible feats of personal endurance and strength we unite under one umbrella, ambition to make change for the better.

Our ultimate goal

We are a company of individuals brought together into a world-leading team that shares a like-minded ambition and vision. Our ultimate goal is to bring our size and strength to bear on every community in which we serve for the financial betterment of our clients, their families and those who need support.


Our passion

We share a singular vision for the success not only for us as individuals and as a company but also for our clients – and we do that with passion. We embrace challenges, we embrace change, facing both with the quiet confidence that is borne of a market leader.

Our relationships

We building long-term relationships with our clients and doing the best we can to enhance their mid to long term financial situations. Our endeavours lead to personal recommendations from our clients.

Our positivity

We have created a way of doing business that not only invigorates and motivates but that empowers individuality, inspires self-confidence and drives motivation for an altogether more rewarding, more positive outcome for ourselves and our clients.

Our confidence

We don’t brag about our industry leading position or over-estimate what we are capable of. Instead our approach to work is seasoned with humility, sincerity, honesty, hard work and wisdom.

We celebrate success and work in a competitive, productive environment but always the focus of our business are our clients.


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