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Since deVere Mortgages was launched as a standalone brand in January 2015, I am pleased to report numerous success stories all over the world.

Set-up by deVere United Kingdom, part of deVere Group, to cater to increasing demand from overseas clients, deVere Mortgages provides clients and potential clients with a more extensive range of mortgage products and advice.

A handful of our recent successes include quickly securing a mortgage for a first-time buyer living and working in Australia, who had previously been turned down by other lenders.  As a result, this client is now looking to invest in additional property.

We also assisted a property owner residing in Hong Kong to re-mortgage his property in order to release further capital to purchase a new IP Global property.

Another case involves a new client who approached deVere Mortgages having researched us online, to raise capital on his property in the UK to enable them to purchase a residential property in Switzerland.

In addition, deVere Mortgages was approached a few weeks ago by a client who wished to purchase the remaining equity in his property , but was denied due to his Qatar residency status.  I am thrilled to report that we were able to secure the mortgage enabling the client to finalise the purchase.

We also assisted a South Africa-based client with a property portfolio in France, Canada and Dubai, to buy three additional properties in the United Kingdom and Australia.  deVere Mortgages has secured the client’s first mortgage, with the remaining two due to complete early next year.

Furthermore, a client who had been declined a mortgage by his bank as he had previously been working in Bosnia, came to us and his home loan was agreed within 48 hours and he is completing at the end of this month.

We also had a first-time buyer come to us wanting to purchase a commercial property on the industrial estate where they currently trade.  Not only has the client purchased their own premises, but also another six units to enable them to expand their business and increase their potential earnings.  This increase in rental income from the extra six units means they will be able to repay the loan within five years.

Moreover, one of the most satisfying cases recently involved a client who unfortunately lost out on their ideal property four years ago due to their expatriate status.  However, following negotiations and reassurance between the agent and vendor, deVere Mortgages secured the mortgage and the client is now enjoying his ideal home.

deVere Mortgages works with over 200 UK-based and international mortgage lenders, thereby offering clients a wide range of products to suit their individual requirements.  deVere Mortgages also provides buy-to-let opportunities, re-mortgaging, equity release and tax enhancement from rental incomes.

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