In these days of low returns, it is particularly satisfying to report that this year to date our clients have been able to benefit from some excellent maturities.

Naturally, the financial experts at deVere Group put a great deal of thought and energy into securing the best products for our clients and these Structured Notes propositions have performed better than even some of our advisers even thoughhht possible. One in particular – the RBS Autocallable 3 Note – has matured early and will return to investors an immense 60 per cent growth over just three years.

Having been launched this month three years ago, and linked to the FTSE 100, S&P 500 and Eurostoxx indexes, the underlying basket of indexes would have generated a total return of 28 per cent from a direct investment, whereas the Note has more than doubled this result.

It is still only just halfway through the year, yet we have already seen 18 similar products mature early. Whether our clients have chosen to reinvest the resultant returns or use the funds for other projects, they have seen their decision to invest with deVere Group paying dividends, as these maturities massively outperform other like-for-like products on the market.

At deVere Group we provide security for our clients’ investment by offering Notes on an exclusive basis and ensuring that they are backed by some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

2013 Maturities

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