We all know what has happened in various financial sectors over the past few years. It’s led, in many quarters, to a reduction in available, quality financial planning advice. In others it’s led to legislation and regulation that has reduced yet further the opportunity for people to get the financial advice they need.

And in some cases, where’s there been no financial advice available at all, a growing number of investors have begun dabbling in what can only be described as DIY investment.

These scenarios do not bode well for the long term security of investors – or indeed the economies within which they invest. Above all they demonstrate that there has never been a greater need for proper financial advice, supplied by fully independent, skilled, provisioned and empowered financial advisors.

One thing that truly motivates me about my role at deVere Group is being part of an organisation of financial advisors that are actively enabled to meet and even exceed our clients’ personal financial objectives.

We do this by investment – more than £750,000 over the last two years in examination upskilling alone.

We also invest in leading edge technologies, more local offices and in making strategic alliances with market-leading product providers. And we invest in our financial advisors’ individual careers giving them the qualifications, motivation and capability to fast track through our global organisation.

In short, we give our advisors the most comfortable, secure and rewarding career path whilst fully equipping them to give our clients the best tailored, most secure and rewarding long-term investment opportunities.

Financial planning is a personal thing. It is the same for me and my family as it is for each and every one of our clients and their families. Like them, I want to see my hard earned money invested wisely and profitably across all investment and insurance fronts, from asset management to education, retirement, health and life. And that’s precisely what deVere Group financial advisors do.

Rather than curtail the role of the financial advisor, we at deVere Group invest in expanding it. We believe this is the right way and the results speak for themselves.

Today we manage over $9 billion of funds for over 70,000 clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. We are the world’s largest independent financial organisation, equipped to meet change – however and wherever that may happen in the world.

For the future, our objective is to provide a world-class, results-driven bespoke advisory service to clients wherever they choose to live in the world.

And to that end the role of our financial advisors is not just necessary. It is critical.