deVere-sponsored British Rugby Club of Paris (BRFC) were back in action last weekend, over a month since the last game.

Determined to reach the final of the ‘Coupe de Consolation’, the expat team put on a sterling performance, defeating Pompiers 95 with an impressive 24-6 victory.  It wasn’t an easy task as BRFC had been beaten by the same rival in the league match earlier in the season by 9-8.

The match got off to an unnerving start for the expat side.  Pompiers took an early 6-0 lead in the first 15 minutes, but it all changed as BRFC improved their structure on the field and joined their opponent on the score board.

As an avid follower of the British Rugby Club of Paris, I’ve seen their ability to turn a poor result around with a mixture of strength, determination and great team work.  As Tim Laurence and Liam Issac focused on the breakdown, the boys at the back began to work their magic, with a standout performance from Jim ‘Hat-trick Hero’ Grieve.  Following three conversions and a penalty, the final result was a 24-6 win for the expats.

I’m delighted that the BRFC has made it to the ‘Coupe de Consolation’ final, they truly deserve it after all their hard work, sheer grit and endurance.  The big match is taking place this Saturday, 5th April, against RC Clignancourt and BRFC’s home ground, Dormont.

A win would see the British Rugby Club of Paris take home the first silverware in 10 years.

Good luck BRFC!