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7 reasons why you have already given up your New Years Resolutions

Mike CoadyBusiness Advice 7 reasons why you have already given up your New Years Resolutions

7 reasons why you have already given up your New Years Resolutions

Now Listen – Did you know that only 8% of people typically keep their New Years Resolutions? How are you getting on with yours? Given the consistency of gym up already? Smoked that cigarette you said you weren’t going to? How was dry January?

Have you managed to get to the 1st month milestone? If not, maybe you’re skipping steps that will push you to create resolutions that last.

I am a big believer that if you don’t do something, its simply because you don’t really want it… you have to want something SO bad that you’ll do ANYTHING to get it…. So, ask yourself, are you that bothered? Do you really want to give up smoking, or has your partner/friend told you to do so? Do you really want to lose that 5kgs you set yourself, or is it just to hit a “target”?

We should all know the saying ““When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful.”

I have listed below what I believe will help you;

  1. Make resolutions you will keep in the first place
  2. Keep the resolutions all year round, and longer!

Rule #1 – Do not make big dramatic changes

There isn’t anything more disheartening than not achieving your goals as quickly as you wanted. It’s like going to the gym and not seeing results after your first week when you had set out to lose 5kgs that week… So when you get on them scales it’s a let-down, right?

So, instead of setting yourself daunting goals, go smaller and more realistic. If you improve by 1% each day, you are improving a huge 365% a year – and that is fantastic!!

Rule #2 – Know WHAT & WHY

You have to understand why you set yourself the resolutions in the first place. If it’s to please someone else, cross it off now – because you will never do it, you’ll find an excuse. Equally, if you don’t know why you set yourself the resolution in the first place, then you won’t have a strong enough motive to do anything about it.

Do you see the pattern towards giving up? Good, so steer clear…! Make sure you WHY beats your WHY NOT at all times.

The sense of purpose has to be more powerful than the feeling of pain that you go through to get it.

Rule #3 – Write

Buy yourself a journal and right your resolutions down, and then break it down into individual steps of what you have to do to achieve them. As each day goes by, tick them off – actually, what the heck – CROSS them out!! Each accomplishment will make you feel so much better about doing something, that just for the sake of being able to cross it off your list each day will give you that extra push you need!

So, wake up, write them down and then before you go to bed, cross them all off!

Making a mental statement is not enough, nor is writing it in a book at the beginning of the year, and never revisiting… its simply not fresh enough.

Rule #4 – Accountability

All of the 8% of people that stick to their new years resolutions hold themselves accountable. They publish on social media what their goals are, they tell the friends and families, or they even put them in their business plans each year. The thought of admitting to not achieving something, or giving up on something is the worst thought ever… nobody wants to do it, so what do they do? They achieve their goals…every single one of them!

Rule #5 – Make “Giving Up” IMPOSSIBLE

Did you say you were going to do more exercise? Those that achieve their resolutions would get a dog… then they have to do 20/30mins walking. Did you say you were going to read more books? Those that achieve their resolutions join or even create a book club group with their friends. Did you say you wanted to grow your business? Those that achieve their resolutions put money on the line.

Making “giving up” impossible, gives you that extra “I can’t give up”, so think of things that make it that bit more difficult.

Rule #6 – Make it a habit

Remember, it takes about 21 days for a new activity to become a habit and a whole 6 months for it to become part of your personality. It isn’t going to happen overnight, so stick at it!

Persistence, consistency and patience is all that is required to make it a habit. Then you’ll be doing it on autopilot before you even know it!

Rule #7 – It’s all about the rewards

This is the most important rule of all… pat yourself on the back!!

This doesn’t mean “eat the box of chocolates!”, this means buy yourself some new gym wear, buy yourself a nice outfit or even have a relaxing day by the pool.

Make it worth it!

New years resolutions are not about discipline and sacrifices! You have to WANT whatever it is you’re setting yourself. Do not put yourself under stress because you feel you HAVE to. If you are struggling, sit back and recommit another 24 hours and you’ll soon be back on track. Don’t forget that humans can do anything for 24 hours!

I hope this blog will help/has helped you keep to your goals. Even if this has made you re-focus and re-think it’s still great… Have a great year!

Let’s set new goals, lets empower ourselves to be better and lets drive new hope into our lives and overcome the challenges that are given to us to allow us the opportunity to become so much more.

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