Mark Gibson, Senior Wealth Manager – deVere Germany GmbH

“Mike has exceptional people skills and strong leadership capabilities. His work ethic is professional and takes his responsibilities very seriously. He has excellent communication skills, and conducts himself in a professional manner at all times. His knowledge of the Financial Industry is complex and comprehensive. I strongly acknowledge his enthusiasm, motivation and dedication.”

Reyhan Surel, Multi Family Office – Intuitae

“What I love about Mike is his training and seminar programs which provide me with knowledge that can be used forever and wherever in my professional carrier. .

Mike Coady’s energetic and driven personality pushes me to the better level. I really look forward to his coaching/training sessions in the office and to Annual Western Europe Sales conferences. Personally I would highly recommend joining him if you are looking to work and progress in highly professional and autonomy environment.”

Rob Fisher, Independent Financial Adviser – All Saints Financial

“I have been working for Mike for three years now, having initially worked in Basel in Switzerland before moving to the London office. As I had family still in the UK, Mike Coady, the Regional Director, let me move to the UK because of my qualifications and experience. Once our youngsters are grown up then working overseas again would definitely be on my agenda. I would not say it is easy, however you are directly rewarded for the hard work you put in. The potential rewards are unlimited. I have worked with very high net worth clients since I joined. These are the sort of clients most IFAs only dream of having. Some of these clients are Chief Executive Officers of major companies, some are high up in oil companies and some are top executives.

One of the most positive things about working for this company is that the company never stands still. It is constantly evolving and improving. This is something I strongly approve of as they are always ahead of the competition. Also it adds some spice to life and means in never gets boring. My main success has been involved in the Expats mortgage department. I help overseas advisers and place mortgages for their clients overseas and in the UK. This is just one of the fantastic value added services that we offer to our clients. In the UK we are having constant training on knowledge, service, sales and how to achieve more. We have at least one whole day’s training a month on top of this in different areas. The management ethos here of the UK Manager and from the Regional Director is the best management I have ever had. Normally as an IFA in the UK it is normal to be left to fend for yourself. However the training we get in the UK is second to none. Mike Coady, The regional director shares his immense sales experience with us in our monthly meetings.

. Once a year we have a sales conference and get to share our experience with some of the top guys in the company. This is where we try and learn some of their secrets. The Western Europe conference last year was in Marbella and is the best sales conference I have been to and I have been in this industry for seventeen years. I want to help grow the mortgage department even more in the UK. As the company is mainly overseas and the company based in the UK is still fairly small currently, I am looking forward to help grow the UK into a household name in the UK. All I can say is, ‘watch this space’. Thank you Mike for this opportunity!”

Richard Bayle, Independent Business Owner – Self employed

“I had retired from my role as COO of a plc in Financial Services when a Mike Coady; the then Regional Manager for Western Europe (now a Director of deVere) called me and asked if I would like to meet him and Nigel Green, deVere Group CEO.  During the conversation, I realised I was not ready to leave business life and the opportunity to return to my routes; where I started my career in sales at the sharp end, was too much to resist so I started with deVere in May 2010.

I am now responsible for France as a country manager, with three offices and am having the time of my life. deVere is a fine ethical company and I have never heard anything other from all the senior people here from Nigel Green down, other than “…the client comes first, second and third”.

This profession that I have been in for nearly 42 years has had its fair share of bad press; some of it deserved, but the deVere approach to client needs is, I believe, second to none.  Over 60,000 clients? The advice has to be sound and it is. I am proud to have my “last fling” with a company of this calibre.”

Joe Murray, Director – PAM Capital

“Mike’s Knowledge in the Finance Industry is second to none, he is a great leader and Director and always strives to get the best and achieve the best from his teams, with the highest level of professionalism. He has a great understanding of what clients needs are and what would benefit them the most in there financial life.I would always highly recommend Mike in any aspect as a person, colleague or as a Financial Expert in his field.”

Andrew Chalklin, Head of Training – deVere Group

“Mike Coady is a highly proficient Sales and Financial Regional Director. When you work with Mike you immediately notice that he is a very amiable, self-motivated and energetic person. He is an excellent team leader and his motivation helps to constantly increase Western Europe’s financial success and also supports Western Europe’s offices to constantly keep on expanding.

Mike is the perfect role model as he shows extreme determination and inspiration to all deVere financial advisers and co-ordinators. Mike runs his teams in a highly organised and professional manner. Each of his offices, offer constant support for all employees, ongoing training, professional and also enjoyable working environments.”

Peter Drummond, Non Executive Chairman –

“Having built a team doing business in Dubai, Mike has now embarked on building a whole region for the deVere Group.

It is not everybody who can step out into new territory and make a success of it, as different skills are needed. But Mike is making a success of Europe by building good teams, hard work and discipline.”

Brent Mayhew, Senior Associate – Holborn

“Having known Mike for 7 years I can say that he is one of the most motivated and determined managers I have ever worked with. Mike has been a massive support to me since day 1 in deVere, is a true friend and someone I can always rely on. A great leader, a pleasure to work with and makes work fun! His understanding of the wealth management industry and his intensive training is 2nd to none.”

Oliver Prosser, Third Party Custody – JPMorgan Chase & Co

“I have worked for Mike for close to 2 years in his Geneva office, and am both impressed and inspired by him every time we have met. As an individual, Mikes range of knowledge and his genuine passion and drive for all he does is such a great example to the rest of us in Western Europe and he absolutely leads from the front.

Mikes attention to the finer details and belief in delivering the full financial package and exceptional service to clients has enabled him to grow Western Europe successfully in recent years and i know under his guidance the region will continue to grow and succeed for a long time.”

John Alden, Executive Wealth Manager – deVere Spain SL

“I have worked with Mike for the last two years and in that time I have not only seen my standards change and improve but also many of the the team Mike leads in his role of European Regional Director . He has extreme energy and drive with the passion to continuously push the boundaries with increased professionalism and continued success. The best leader I have worked with in my career.”

Peter Collett, Managing Director – Collett Research

“I met Mike recently when I was invited to talk at a convention for the consultants in Western Europe. I was very impressed by the organisation of the event and by Mike’s engaging manner, his infectious enthusiasm and his obvious leadership skills. I was billed to speak straight after Mike. He gave such an inspiring address to the assembled consultants that when I stepped on to the stage I immediately invited them to show their appreciation once again. The audience needed no encouragement at all — they gave him another deafening round of applause! Which says it all ….”

Robin Fielder, CEO, Leadership Development Ltd

“Mike is inspirational and a great motivator. I was a guest at his recent sales conference in Marbella and was impressed not only by his energy, charisma and focus, but by his all important attention to detail. His sales team is growing rapidly and I can see why”

  • Robin Fielder, CEO, Leadership Development Ltd

Charlotte Portelli, Stratégies et Opérations Digitales – Impact Connexion

“Mike is an extremely determined and dedicated individual, who is without doubt, an integral part of deVere. The way in which Mike manages his team, provides a leading example to all who are associated with him and he truly is an inspiration to all in the business world. It is always a pleasure to work with Mike and you can rest assured that if Mike is involved, the task will be completed with efficiency.”

Jason Gaines, Senior Manager – Standard Bank

I have worked in partnership with Mike over the past 18 months. He is clearly experienced, driven, knowledgeable – and, respected by his peers. He has excellent organisational and presentation skills that I have witnessed first hand. I have no doubt that the European Region with continue to go from strength to strength under his leadership

Oliver Dax, Managing Director – Monkey’s Paw Consultancy Ltd

“I have worked alongside Mike at deVere. I have always found him to be professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Supportive and encouraging at all times, with a particular focus on developing those around him. Looking for the win/win in all situations, whether dealing with colleagues or clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike.”

Nigel Smith, Technical Manager – deVere Group

“I can thoroughly recommend any client to take Mike’s advice. He is incredibly professional, very ethical and has immense knowledge as a Financial Adviser of investments, pensions, estate planning & international tax planning. He is also extremely hard working.
I would place my family’s financial planning needs in Mike’s hands.”

Justin Barrett, Director – Capital Platforms Pte Ltd

“I have known and worked with Mike over a 3 year period. Over that time I have witnessed at first hand the way that Mike leads and motivates his Team through a combination of genuine passion for the Industry and pure up front leadership. The way that Mike sets about working within his environment has lead me to adopt and adapt many of his techniques to the relevance of my role. I truly look forward to every opportunity to engage and work on both a professional and also an intellectual level”

Steve Kneale, Vice President International Pensions – Holborn Assets LLC

“I’ve known Mike Coady for approaching 3 years, during that time I have seen him develop Western Europe into a market leading brand. He has implemented a significant number of systems, processes and standards. Our region would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for Mike Coady’s achievements over the past few years. Up most professional, successful and will achieve any goals he sets out to achieve using statistics, management and knowledge.”

Noel O’Leary, Head of UAE – Acuma

“In his role as European Regional Director of the deVere Group, I have worked closely with Mike over the past number of years. I can safely say that he is one of the most exceptional people I have ever worked with in my entire professional career. The work that he has done to build our European operation to what it is today is nothing short of phenomenal and something that I genuinely believe few people in this industry could have achieved. His combination of leadership, business acumen and vision is incredible. He leads from the front and is someone I am proud to work with and continue to learn from.”

Doug Tucker, Head of Asia – deVere Group & Sales Commando

“Mike is an inspiring leader, knowledgeable, informative and professional at all times.
His attention to detail, industry knowledge, work ethic and passion is an asset to any business organisation or team.
Mike has high standards and pushes himself to achieve perfection on a daily basis.”

Paul Howard, International Financial Adviser – Blacktower Financial Management

“Mike, has proved time and time again, what an excellent manager he is. With innovative training and forward think and planning, he has taken Western Europe and myself to another level. Words cannot explain Mike, but his actions and results do. A pleasure to work with him/for him on all fronts.”

Quentin Sellar, International Financial Adviser – Blacktower Financial Management

“I have worked with Mike over the past 15 months and through his direction and leadership have developed my knowledge and experience in the Industry. His motivation and enthusiasm are unbound and have just spent 2 days in a Sales conference which he lead. His passion for the Company and its successful growth are infectious and it is a pleasure and a privilege to listen to him share his experience and knowledge.Thank you Mike.”

Daniel O’Leary, Area Manager – deVere Switzerland

“Mike is a true professional to his fingertips who leads from the front with relentless passion and determination. Combined with his immense knowledge of the financial services industry and his natural communication and teaching skills, he constantly inspires and motivates his team to raise our own performance and skill levels to deliver the best quality solutions and service to our clients.”

Tim Govaerts, Regional Manager – Blacktower Financial Management

“Mike is without any doubt one of the most focused and result driven leaders you will come across. He is brilliant in getting the most out of his staff and is an expert on how to motivate people to achieve their goals. He is an example to the industry when it comes to his knowledge of the financial markets, how to provide the best service to your clients and how to run a successful company. He is a true professional on all levels and doesn’t settle for less than excellence, which he also expects from everybody he works with.”

Marcia Avis, Consultant – Knight Frank Finance

“Mike is nothing but an inspiration. I am eternally grateful to him for his continual support & outstanding expertise. Having come from a very corporate and sheltered background where financial advice was concerned, Mike has helped me to excel in a more entrepreneurial environment and carved out what I deem is a fine art in making sure my clients are offered the best advice money can buy. The company as a whole is forever evolving and I truly believe Mike’s involvement has been paramount in the results I am starting to see.”

John Montague, Wealth Manager – deVere Switzerland

“Mike Coady has an aptitude for leading and motivating a geographically dispersed workforce that is unparalleled.

His infectious energy, drive and passion, coupled with a willingness to share his strengths and experience make him an inspirational leader and a huge asset to the Company.

A superb role model!”

Jack Kerswell, Area Manager – Guardian Wealth Management

“I have had the pleasure of working directly with Mike for the last year and in the same team for the last three years. Mike is an inspiration. He has total dedication to his goals and manages to inspire and motivate his team to achieve with him. He is a total professional with a deep and detailed understanding of his business which he is always glad to share to enable others to emulate his achievements.”

William Fryer, Partner Practice – St. James’s Place Wealth Management

“I have worked for deVere for around 4 years and in my opinion, Mike sets the bar for all individuals in our industry to aspire to. Aside from echoing all of the characteristics detailed in Mike’s endorsements from my peers, more importantly he has honed all of these skills by working harder than anyone else. A significant number of turning points in my career can be pin pointed to training sessions and seminars lead by Mike, for which I am extremely grateful.”

Jonathan Harley, Senior Sales Operations Analyst – Thomson Reuters

“As Group Director & Global Head of Western Europe he leads from the front and his success speaks for itself.

Mike doesn’t see obstacles, issues, hurdles or barriers in fact these don’t form part of his vocabulary, he does however see “The Solution”.

Having worked with Mike it’s fair to say that his ability to motivate people is second to none and he has the ability to make good people realise their potential and become great.

Mike – It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, I have benefited from it immensely and I will be forever grateful.”


Daragh Summerfield, Head of Europe – Elliot Lloyd International Limited

“Without any doubt Mike is a very inspirational, dedicated and driven person.He is a true leader and expects nothing but excellence and perfection from everyone he manages .

He is a visionary and has a powerful ability to communicate his vision and to inspire us into perfection and excellence for every single client.

He is a joy to work for.”

Spencer Freeman-Haynes, Vice President – Swiss Global Group

“Mike Coady in his role as Group Director for Western Europe has had overall responsibility the ongoing success of this region.

He continually raises the professional development of every member of the team to raise standards through stringent training within the group and deveres commitment to industry qualifications a must in financial services…Despite his other duties he finds the time to visit the Zurich office on a frequent basis to share his experience and enthusiasm.”


Linda Tobin, Account Executive Team Leader – deVere ECC

“Due to a fabulous opportunity, I have been given the tools to develop many different skills with continued support and ongoing training.

One thing I must mention when speaking about Mike Coady is that the training provided  is no less than phenomenal. Continued onsite training from Mike is second to none, when he is in our office and shares his knowledge and experience with us it is very easy to comprehend why Mike Coady has been and continues to be such a success in this industry.”

  • Linda Tobin, Account Executive Team Leader – deVere ECC



Violeta Milanovic, Office Manager – MAN Diesel & Turbo

“Mike Coady, Company Director, has been implementing many innovations, online automated systems and the European Communications Centre office.

Not only that he is giving strong support, inspiration and motivation to sales teams, he also believes that no organisation will succeed without well organized and hardworking administration team.

Working with someone who is setting amazing example to all I am determined to work even harder and contribute even more. I am very grateful for being given the opportunity for personal development.”


Edward Mainwaring-Burton, International Financial Adviser – Blacktower Financial Management

“As an advisor here in Western Europe, I have known Mike Coady and worked with him since my first day in the company and found his help and training invaluable as I have progressed in my career.

I am constantly pushed to learn and improve by the challenges and opportunities that my work, my clients and the management team present to me and I really enjoy the variety that this role demonstrates each day.

Mike is a very capable and inspiring leader and never afraid to step up and lead by example. He has always been ready to help with questions and problems that I have had in the past and remains accessible to even the newest and most junior members of staff, despite his heavy workload.”



John Mendy, Associate – JP Morgan

“Since joining the company I have received a level and quality of training and support from without doubt the best and brightest in the industry; our European Director, Mike Coady, an inspirational and true professional who has always lead from the front with relentless passion and determination.

Combined with his immense knowledge of the financial industry, and natural communication and teaching skills, he has been inspirational, always striving for us to improve and to deliver the best service to clients.”



Tim Hinchliffe, Director – Aiglon Wealth Management

“At the core of the business Mike. The training and support that I have had from Mike has been instrumental to my success.

Without question he is the cement that holds the Western Europe region together.

He has a truly positive outlook on every scenario, and if you believe in him and his methodology, the world is truly your oyster.”


Nathan Tarr, General Manager – GWM USA

“Mike Coady is one of the pillars and is the driving force behind Western Europe.

Throughout my career, Mike has been a constant source of knowledge, expertise and advice which has benefited me massively.

His energy and enthusiasm is infectious and is one of the reasons the Company goes from strength to strength. I can’t wait for the next 5 years!”



Garry Williams, Director – Self employed

“I’ve been working in Mikes region of Western Europe for 6 weeks working in the Brussels office which has been a great experience.

Western Europe region is the best region to join to learn the business. Training and support is excellent and the team are a good bunch.

Everyone has been very supportive and everything is here for you to make it work.”

Steven Cowans, Managing Partner – Aston Advisory Services

“Mike Coady is an exceptionally focused individual, results driven with attention to detail.  His support and energy are boundless.

Having worked closely with Mike over the last 3 years he has helped me improve as a person and in my role with Devere.

My success and my teams success is down to the help, support and training he has given me over this time.”


James Barnes, Managing Director – Alpha Global Wealth

“Mike has been an inspiration in his knowledge and positivity.

He has a knack of being able to drive and inspire those around him and has helped me focus on learning my trade and becoming the best financial advisor I can be.

On a personal level I have enjoyed spending time with his family and Mike’s welcoming approach and zest for life is contagious. I can happily recommend Mike.”



Jai Patel, Business Development Manager – DEKO

“Mike is an extremely dedicated,talented, focused and hard working professional.

I have worked with him for over 6 years now and in that time have realised that there are few managers who have the ability to inspire, motivate and train on Mike’s level.

His talents are wide ranging and I would without hesitation recommend him both as a trainer and manager at all levels.”


Trevor Byrne, Senior Wealth Manager – Robusto Asset Management

“Mike is a strong charismatic leader who demands the best from his team and colleagues.

His is driven to succeed at the highest level and constantly challenges those around him to spurn mediocrity for excellence.

His focus is making Western Europe the top region in the company and undoubtedly under his stewardship it is only a matter of time before we get there and stay there.”

Paul Rhodes, Business Development Director – Blacktower Financial Management

“Mike is the nuts.

He makes things happen, he lifts you up, cuts to the core of what is real and makes you sit up and take notice.

His training is the best I have ever witnessed over many years in the industry, one hell of a driven and passionate individual, he is focused, dedicated to his cause and totally driven to achieve the absolute best he can from

whomever he is in front of, one hell of a motivator and manager, if you get the chance, work with him, he rocks.”


James Weston, Head of International Advisory – GAM

“Mike was one of my key clients from 2007 until 2010 while he was the Regional Manager of Europe for deVere and Partners.

Mike is a complete professional, and is very well respected both by his colleagues and by his business partners.

It was a pleasure working with him, and I wish him all the best for the future.”

Jonathan Hives, Area Manager – deVere Spain

“Mike’s professionalism, attention to detail and work ethic cannot help but have a positive impact on you.

His industry knowledge and refusal to accept anything other than first place not only helped me develop on a professional level, but his support and commitment during difficult times made him a pleasure to work for.

Once you work with him, you soon realise his thorough approach and organisation is like nothing you have seen before. His training is the best there ever was and the best there ever will be.

Success is guaranteed.”

James Kennerdale, District Manager Qatar – Nexus Financial Services LLC

“Mike really is the driving force behind our Region, his leadership has seen tremendous levels of growth.

He is a manager who leads from the front and has a energy and passion that is unparalleled.

Mike demands 110% from all who work under him and rewards accordingly.

His support and infectious drive to succeed are the major factors to which I attribute where I am in my career to date.”


David Matthews, Head of Region Europe – Old Mutual International

“Mike is responsible for the development of DeVere Group’s offices in Western Europe.

He is a very dynamic and focussed individual who is passionate about getting the best outcomes for his clients and advisers alike.

Mike has ambitious plans for his region and I have no doubt that he will acheive them.

In the 2 years I have known him I have always found him to act with honesty and integrity.”


David J. Naughton, Private Client Adviser – Harrison Brook

“Mike is one of the most driven and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of working with.

Focused and detail-oriented, Mike has a passion for success that filters through our region from top to bottom.

He has always shown a genuine desire to lead and inspire through innovation and consultation.”


Austin Blair, CEO – Providence Life

“Having worked with Mike in the Middle East for several years, I built up a strong respect for his consistency, commitment and attention to detail.

He exhibited excellent leadership skills and a proactive approach to developing those people who reported to him.

This has resulted in his well-deserved growth and development within the deVere Group and the promotion and growth of many members of his team, who have followed in his success.”

Paras Gosrani, Principal Consultant – Horizon International

“I worked for Mike in his team in Dubai. Mike is a highly talented Manager, Diligent and Proactive and was well respected by his team for being the No.1 performer in the region.

I have found Mike to possess the highest level of enthusiasm and confidence and he is someone with an ability to charge the work place with real buzz and energy.

His impressive work ethic combined with his excellent client facing skills are second to none.

Mike is one of the most meticulous and detail oriented person that I know, and I am sure he will keep going from strength to strength.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him… I wish Mike the best of luck in his future endeavours”

James Spencer, Executive Partner – Finsbury Associates

“Mike is the ultimate professional.

He is knowledgeable, personable and very experienced in his field.

I have had the benefit of working closely with Mike and his past experience within our industry has been priceless in my career development.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.”

Chris Smithfield, Senior Associate – Holborn Assets LLC

“I’ve known Mike Coady for over 6 years and had the pleasure of working with him whilst he was Senior Area Manager in the Middle East.

Mike has a vast knowledge of the investment and financial sector, and would always have time to train his colleagues on many numerous financial subjects.

Many of Mikes financial coordinators have since become consultants due to Mikes expertise and diligence in training them.

After leaving the Middle East, it comes as absolutely no surprise that Mike has now been promoted to European Director of deVere & Partners.

I have no hesitation in writing this recommendation.”

Bill Tatham, Executive Manager – deVere Group

“Mike is an extremely experienced and well respected senior manager in the European & Middle East Wealth Management Industry.

As a service provider to Mike, I have always been impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail that has enabled him to build one of the largest and most successful Wealth Managers in Europe.”


Daniel O’Leary, Area Manager – deVere Switzerland

“Thank you for the privilege of attending the conference in Frankfurt.

It was genuinely inspiring to witness the fantastic range of exceptionally talented colleagues across Western Europe sharing their invaluable perspectives and experiences.

On top of that, the level of expertise, energy and enthusiasm you provided was quite extraordinary and communicated very clearly a burning passion to help everyone have the absolutely best available tools to succeed in this challenging career.

Congratulations on this achievement”

Tony Williams, Area Manager St Lucia – deVere Group

“It has been a pleasure to work with Mike for the 5 years. I am still amazed how Mike still finds fresh and innovative ways to drive our business forward. Mike’s knowledge, drive, focus and determination are all second to none. This has seen Mike move and develop our region at an outstanding rate. Mike strives to ensure that everyone working with him can develop and progress. I have personally learnt so much from Mike and he has without doubt helped me to move my career forward and develop my potential. Mike genuinely cares about the people he works with. He pushes and drives us hard but being a family man himself he insists that we all find the balance between work and quality family time.”

Tyla Phillips, Chartered Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management

“The experience, attention to detail and raw desire for success that Mike possesses is truly contagious. The time Mike spent at the GWM group was crucial in my personal development. No request is too much, no case too complex, Mike is the complete professional and truly deserves the reputation that precedes him.”

Mike Cavin, Mortgages Supervisor – deVere Mortgages

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike Coady at deVere and would welcome any opportunity to work with him again. I found Mike to be extremely professional and an individual who is very approachable with an open door approach and time for everyone. A man that is tenacious, focused, drive to achieve and always strives to improve. I feel the time with him was an education both professionally and personally.”

David Tait, Managing Director – Redmill Consulting

“I first started working with Mike in June 2017 when he was COO of Guardian Wealth Management. We worked together on the integration of our learning proposition into his business. From the outset of discussions, we were able to build rapport quickly and together identified the key deliverables in respect to our project. Mike is a highly focused individual with strong leader characteristics. He take a pragmatic view on things, seeks solutions that benefit both parties and is commercially astute in his decision making. If I was to summarise his character through our dealings I would say that Mike is a confident leader with integrity, he was always true to his word and approaches everything with an abundance of energy. I would recommend Mike to anyone as a trusted business ally.”

Jack Ellice, Family Wealth Manager – deVere United Kingdom

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike for over a year. Mike’s energy and passion is unmatched. He will take your performance to the next level, both in terms of your production and personally. He challenges and inspires you, and what I learnt from him during that time, will stay with me for the rest of my career and life.”

James Stanton, Co-Founder – Bluestone Currency

“Mike regularly produces creative, original ideas, plans, products or methods, well attuned to the needs and capabilities of the organisation, and producing clear benefits.

He is a superb leader, who instinctively reads a situation correctly, understands the motivations and feelings of the other people and chooses the right time to proceed or withdraw in aspect of his day to day duty.

I have learnt an incredible amount from him (as i am sure other will also attest too). His knowledge and enthusiasm for any given project is inspiring. He is a value to any business or project.

I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Simon Lefley, Senior Financial Planner – deVere Acuma

“Mike is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I was fortunate to be able to work with Mike during his time as Chief Commercial Officer at GWM where I hugely benefited from his experience and coaching skills. His ability to command a room and motivate a team is second to none. Mike would be an asset to any team, bringing passion, energy and professionalism to achieve first class results.”

Nathan Lennox, Family Wealth Manager – deVere United Kingdom

“I consider it a true privilege and an honour to have worked with Mike and will be forever grateful for the help and support he has provided me. Mike has an incredible ability to motivate and develop, pushing you beyond what you thought possible. Tackling challenges, thinking critically and strategically are all things Mike does with apparent ease and allows everyone else in the business to enter their own focused state. Mike is an essential asset to any business he is involved in, bringing an unmatched level of energy, motivation, acumen and grit.”

Jacob Hall, Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management

“Mike’s training over the last twelve month’s was one of the key factors in my progress as an Advisor, the motivation and inspiration given is infectious. His experience in both the international and UK market, will help any advisor who is willing to embrace the regulatory changes here in the UAE. I for one benefited from the development he brought to GWM over the last year.”

Danny Agg, Senior Business Development Manager – deVere Acuma

“Mike is an exceptional individual, he directly mentored me in many aspects. Mike is always willing to help those around him to be successful and showed genuine desire to develop me and those around me. His passion and ability to consistently progress people and projects make him an invaluable asset to any team. Thanks Mike!”

David Eggison, Director – OME Mortgages Specialists

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike for 2 and half years and found him to be a true leader in all senses. Mike would always be available and provide support and advice whenever needed. Mike took pleasure in other peoples achievements and would always recognise hard work and commitment. He has tremendous knowledge and is always willing to share this and help people develop to achieve their goals. His professionalism, attention to detail, focus and drive is truly inspirational.”

Nick Cook, Financial Consultant – Morrinson Wealth Management LLP

“Having worked for Mike in both the offshore & UK onshore environment I couldn’t recommend his knowledge, application and drive enough.
It is fair to say that Mike was equally at home when working on the development and strategy of an entire region, as he was when engaging in 1-2-1 personal and professional development.
His personal and genuine interest in my own development and progression from an entry level position, to a regional top performer and on to a fully qualified financial adviser was instrumental in my success.
His attention to detail, process orientated approach and hands-on attitude was infectious and would benefit any organisation massively.”

Jed Wilson, Principal – Wilson Wealth 

“I worked for Mike for 5 years in Geneva. Attended many of his training sessions and seminars. He is without a shadow of a doubt, the very BEST in the business for sales training, motivation and achieving results. UN-forgettable, tough, direct, entertaining, massively passionate. He knows the industry inside-out and understands the pressures we are all under. He will light a firework under your sales organisation. Cant recommend him enough. If you need more, please get in touch for a personal recommendation.”

Subbah Razaq, Head of Client Relations – Guardian Wealth Management

“It is with great pleasure I recommend Mike Coady. He is a generous professional who knows how to build real and sustainable relationships.

I have known Mike for over a year. During that time, he has been honest, trustworthy, and is always willing to go above and beyond. He takes great honor in helping others flourish and has helped many to achieve their personal goals.

I have had the pleasure of receiving a tiny slice of Mikes knowledge. Mike combines his incredible talent for positioning issues and communications skills with an extraordinary sense of strategy and timing.

Thank you Mike!”

Joe Woodhouse, Area Manager – Guardian Wealth Management

“A larger than life character, inspiration, mentor and coach.

During my time at a previous company Mike ran the European Operations, having known him for 8 years but only on a social basis I always found him very inspirational and insightful to speak with, which is why when it was announced he would be joining GWM I was excited at the prospect of working together. And from day 1 Mike didn’t disappoint, his regular training and one 2 one mentorship throughout the last year has been second to none and has helped me improve in many different areas. I also always found Mike managed to find simple ways to resolve issues, no matter how big or small and was always one of the first calls I’d make in such a situation.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to highly recommend Mike and wish him all the best for the future.”

George Stainton, Investment Management Specialist – Guardian Wealth Management 

“I was lucky enough to have Mike working at Guardian during my first 9 months at the company. I found his training, mentoring and motivational skills extremely beneficial to not only my personal development but the companies progress and development over that time.

The impact he had on the staff and the company during those 9 months was clear to see and his presence will be missed.”

James Ferguson, Senior Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management

“I was fortunate to work with Mike during his time as Chief Commercial Officer at Guardian Wealth Management. Mike is a true professional and would consistently drive those around him to perform at their optimum level through feeding off of his energy and wealth of experience. I was able to learn a lot from Mike during our time working together.”

Andrew Derrick, Senior Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management

“I spent time working with Mike in 2017 and found him to be a pleasure to work alongside. He understands his industry exceptionally well and is always looking for ways to drive the business forward. Mike had a huge capacity for work, undertaking many new projects at one time, and was always available for advice or to discuss new ideas. Top bloke and an asset to any business, cheers Mike!”

Scott Millar, Financial Planner – GWM UK

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mike over the past two years. The support, guidance and leadership Mike has provided me during this time has been crucial to my development both personally and in my role. His work ethic and genuine desire to see the people around him succeed is unmatched and truly inspiring, I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have had Mike as a mentor.”

Chris Baigent-Reed, Founder – Jigsaw Tree Ltd

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike as a contractor for about a year. Mike delivered everything with passion and drive and was an inspirational leader in the business. Mike was very open minded when It came to making changes in the business which was refreshing. I would highly recommend Mike and enjoyed the opportunity of working alongside him.”

Husain Rangwalla, Portfolio Analyst – Guardian Wealth Management

“I have had the opportunity to work with Mike at Guardian Wealth Management.
He is a forward thinking man, who is more process than result oriented. With his guidance, we set up many different procedures which were automated, ahead of current industry standards, directed towards higher levels of accuracy and devoid of all forms of redundancy in the organization.
Well-versed with the key business functions in an organization, he could visualize game-changing financial tools and models which would not only integrate the expertise of many business functions but create meaningful intelligence and client value in turn.
It’s been a pleasure to work with Mike, with a lot to learn at every step and experience charismatic leadership skills and techniques in the process.”

Sophia Bhatti, Executive Wealth Manager – Guardian Wealth Management

“Mike is an outstanding professional who is full of energy and creates a buzz wherever he goes! I had the pleasure of working with him at Guardian Wealth Management. I found the support that he was willing to give was over and above anyone else and he always made himself available for you if you needed him. He understands people and conducts himself in a very professional manner and ensures that any task that he takes on is concluded. Lastly, he has a fantastic way of handling any situation with ease and confidence, when others would panic, he just gets on with it and resolves it without any issues-that in itself is a remarkable skill to have!”

Rebecca Murphy, Director of Sales and Marketing – Praemium

“In my opinion Mike Coady has an in incredibly clear vision of where the international financial services market is going and how adviser businesses must evolve to ensure their future success. When Mike works with a business his approach to change management is refreshingly hands on, he uses his considerable experience and expertise at all levels from the management team through to the individual advisers. He implements processes to build efficiencies and introduces innovations to drive future growth. He is an extremely motivational individual with a rare ability to inspire enthusiasm in everyone he works with on both the client and the supplier side. I have found it very rewarding to work with Mike in the past and l look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Redmond Friar, Director – Pegasus Food Futures

“During my career, both directly and indirectly, the name ‘Mike Coady’ has always been held in the highest regard within financial industry. His experience, knowledge and absolute focus on being a perfectionist is something you do not see everyday and is an inspiration to all.

His ability to motivate both teams and individuals is something I would call unique.

Having had the pleasure of working with Mike in two separate organisations, I can undoubtedly say that Mike, ALWAYS delivers! He is a fantastic leader, exceptional professional and will drive any company onto a path of success”

Shelley Wren, Strategic Partnerships – IP Global Ltd

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mike on a number of strategic projects in both of his previous roles. Mike always gives you the time, accessibility and direction required to achieve the results one aims for in a partnership as a supplier. Making things happen and managing expectations within the sales route is something that Mike does with ease, his no fuss approach refreshing at every level. He has crafted not only large companies but guided many individuals to succeed across the industry and I look forward to the opportunity of working together again.”

William Burrows, Senior Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management

“It’s been my privilege to work with Mike at Guardian for the last year. A well respected leader and excellent speaker who draws from experience, lives in the future and acts in the now. His raw experience and expertise in the industry has had a significant impact on the rapid development of the company and those within it.”

Nishan Balasingham, Financial Adviser – Guardian Wealth Management

“I was fortunate to work with and be trained extensively by Mike during his time as Chief Commercial Officer at Guardian Wealth Management. Mike ran the graduate induction course and supported me throughout his time at Guardian which has enabled me to thrive in a competitive industry.

He is a well-respected leader in the wealth management industry and has significant experience which he has always been willing to share, offering advice to further my development. In his time at Guardian, he undertook and delivered significant projects which had major positive implications on the rapid development of the company and its employees.

Highly recommended as a leader and true asset to any company!”

Anthony Beaumont, Executive Wealth Manager – Guardian Wealth Management

“It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Mike. He is without any shadow of a doubt one of the most motivational, professional, articulate, knowledgeable, astute and positively driven business leaders that I have ever been inspired to be better by. Success and overachievement are part of his DNA and I continue to learn from him at every opportunity. I’m very proud and privileged to say I’ve worked under Mike.”

Chris Thompson, Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike during his time at Guardian Wealth Management. It was extremely rewarding being supported by such a dedicated and inspirational character.

Mike has a lot of qualities, drive, integrity, trust, confidence, tolerance, enthusiasm and focus, he leads from the front and always practices what he preaches, he has the unique ability to recognise potential and develop it to the full.”