Renowned throughout the industry for his proven abilities as a leader, motivator and a substantial business generator.  On a personal level, Mike is an RDR Level 4 UK qualified and experienced IFA and has also been awarded his Fellowship by the Institute of Director’s (FloD).

Recent career

Mike served as Group Director of deVere for 12 years, spending five years in the Middle East, then five years building deVere Group across Europe, and then for a further 2 years Mike focused on building new brands such as deVere United Kingdom, deVere Mortgages & Workplace Solutions across the UK and beyond.

Throughout the 12 years at deVere, Mike successfully opened and developed 20 offices worldwide in the following locations: Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Hamburg, Munich, Milan, Mijas Costa, Marbella, Costa Blanca, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Portugal, London, Nottinghamshire, Leicester, Basel, Zurich, Toulouse, Nice & Paris.

Mike successfully achieved Chartered Status for deVere United Kingdom as well as Highly Commended IFA of the Year, in addition has also helped drive the Chartered Status for GWM Financial Planning. Mike achieved both Chartered Status’ within 12 months of each other.

Mike joined Guardian Wealth Management, a leading provider of both international and domestic wealth solutions, back in December 2016, as Chief Commercial Officer and was an instrumental driver in the firms global growth, plans and infrastructure upgrades.  Developing new brands such as GWM FX, GWM Property, GWM UK, GWM Global Partners, GWM Corporate Solutions and training portals – GWM Illuminate and GWM Adviser Portals.  

Driven to win

Mike is renowned amongst colleagues for his energy, hard work and dedication.

Family values

Mike’s father’s senior roles within the oil and gas industry had a lasting influence on him and foreshadowed his future. Fourteen years ago he happily returned to the Emirate of Dubai with his family when joining deVere and then returned to the UK in 2015. Back in 2017 Mike returned to Dubai and is now living the Expat life once more.

Mike is forever looking forward to new and exciting opportunities that lay ahead whilst providing his children a wonderful childhood and the highest quality education.

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What Others Say

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mike over the past two years. The support, guidance and leadership Mike has provided me during this time has been crucial to my development both personally and in my role. His work ethic and genuine desire to see the people around him succeed is unmatched and truly […] - Scott Millar, Financial Planner – GWM UK
“Having worked with Mike in the Middle East for several years, I built up a strong respect for his consistency, commitment and attention to detail. He exhibited excellent leadership skills and a proactive approach to developing those people who reported to him. This has resulted in his well-deserved growth and development within the deVere Group […] - Austin Blair, CEO – Providence Life
“Since joining the company I have received a level and quality of training and support from without doubt the best and brightest in the industry; our European Director, Mike Coady, an inspirational and true professional who has always lead from the front with relentless passion and determination. Combined with his immense knowledge of the financial […] - John Mendy, Associate – JP Morgan
“Mike is nothing but an inspiration. I am eternally grateful to him for his continual support & outstanding expertise. Having come from a very corporate and sheltered background where financial advice was concerned, Mike has helped me to excel in a more entrepreneurial environment and carved out what I deem is a fine art in […] - Marcia Avis, Consultant – Knight Frank Finance
“I spent time working with Mike in 2017 and found him to be a pleasure to work alongside. He understands his industry exceptionally well and is always looking for ways to drive the business forward. Mike had a huge capacity for work, undertaking many new projects at one time, and was always available for advice […] - Andrew Derrick, Senior Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management
“Mike is one of the most driven and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of working with. Focused and detail-oriented, Mike has a passion for success that filters through our region from top to bottom. He has always shown a genuine desire to lead and inspire through innovation and consultation.” David J. Naughton, Private […] - David J. Naughton, Private Client Adviser – Harrison Brook
“Mike Coady is one of the pillars and is the driving force behind Western Europe. Throughout my career, Mike has been a constant source of knowledge, expertise and advice which has benefited me massively. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious and is one of the reasons the Company goes from strength to strength. I can’t wait […] - Nathan Tarr, General Manager – GWM USA
“Mike coached me personally as a mentor, business and life coach for over a year. Mikes input and advise helped me grow as an individual and leader. He is very knowledgeable, insightful and opens your prospective to new levels.” Martin O’Malley, Investment Director – Pegasus Food Futures – - Martin O’Malley, Investment Director – Pegasus Food Futures
“I was fortunate to work with Mike during his time as Chief Commercial Officer at Guardian Wealth Management. Mike is a true professional and would consistently drive those around him to perform at their optimum level through feeding off of his energy and wealth of experience. I was able to learn a lot from Mike […] - James Ferguson, Senior Financial Planner – Guardian Wealth Management
“I was lucky enough to have Mike working at Guardian during my first 9 months at the company. I found his training, mentoring and motivational skills extremely beneficial to not only my personal development but the companies progress and development over that time. The impact he had on the staff and the company during those […] - George Stainton, Investment Management Specialist – Guardian Wealth Management 
“Mike is an extremely dedicated,talented, focused and hard working professional. I have worked with him for over 6 years now and in that time have realised that there are few managers who have the ability to inspire, motivate and train on Mike’s level. His talents are wide ranging and I would without hesitation recommend him […] - Jai Patel, Business Development Manager – DEKO
“Some people are born to lead and Mike is one of those. Motivational, inspiring, incredibly driven and passionate about what he does and very knowledgeable in the finance world. Where he goes you follow and you’d better keep up if you want to be on the ride of a lifetime.” Chris Burke, Partner – Spectrum […] - Chris Burke, Partner – Spectrum IFA Group
“Mike showed many great qualities over the 3 years we worked together, he is an expert in our industry with exceptional leadership skills, always ensuring that everyone who reported to him was highly motivated. Mike leads from the front and is always bringing new ideas to the table.” Alex Herbert, Senior Partner – Holborn – - Alex Herbert, Senior Partner – Holborn
“Mike is without any doubt one of the most focused and result driven leaders you will come across. He is brilliant in getting the most out of his staff and is an expert on how to motivate people to achieve their goals. He is an example to the industry when it comes to his knowledge […] - Tim Govaerts, Regional Manager – Blacktower Financial Management
“I have known Mike for almost three years and have always found him to be a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and highly motivated colleague who is clearly able bring the best from his regional management team.” Frank Capron, Senior Compliance Professional – Panenka Consulting – - Frank Capron, Senior Compliance Professional – Panenka Consulting
“Mike is inspirational and a great motivator. I was a guest at his recent sales conference in Marbella and was impressed not only by his energy, charisma and focus, but by his all important attention to detail. His sales team is growing rapidly and I can see why” Robin Fielder, CEO, Leadership Development Ltd - Robin Fielder, CEO, Leadership Development Ltd
“Undoubtedly the most capable adviser I have ever had the pleasure of working with.” Mitch Hopkinson, Director – deVere United Kingdom – - Mitch Hopkinson, Director – deVere United Kingdom
“Having known Mike for 7 years I can say that he is one of the most motivated and determined managers I have ever worked with. Mike has been a massive support to me since day 1 in deVere, is a true friend and someone I can always rely on. A great leader, a pleasure to […] - Brent Mayhew, Senior Associate – Holborn
“Mike Coady in his role as Group Director for Western Europe has had overall responsibility the ongoing success of this region. He continually raises the professional development of every member of the team to raise standards through stringent training within the group and deveres commitment to industry qualifications a must in financial services…Despite his other […] - Spencer Freeman-Haynes, Vice President – Swiss Global Group
“Without any doubt Mike is a very inspirational, dedicated and driven person.He is a true leader and expects nothing but excellence and perfection from everyone he manages . He is a visionary and has a powerful ability to communicate his vision and to inspire us into perfection and excellence for every single client. He is […] - Daragh Summerfield, Head of Europe – Elliot Lloyd International Limited
” I have had the pleasure of working with Mike for the past 6 year in both the Middle East and Europe and he has consistently proven to one of the most driven and professional individuals I have worked with within the financial service industry.”  Anthony Stack, Director – Clarendon Distribution – - Anthony Stack, Director – Clarendon Distribution 
“Mike is a true professional to his fingertips who leads from the front with relentless passion and determination. Combined with his immense knowledge of the financial services industry and his natural communication and teaching skills, he constantly inspires and motivates his team to raise our own performance and skill levels to deliver the best quality […] - Daniel O’Leary, Area Manager – deVere Switzerland
“I worked for Mike in his team in Dubai. Mike is a highly talented Manager, Diligent and Proactive and was well respected by his team for being the No.1 performer in the region. I have found Mike to possess the highest level of enthusiasm and confidence and he is someone with an ability to charge […] - Paras Gosrani, Principal Consultant – Horizon International
“I have worked for deVere for around 4 years and in my opinion, Mike sets the bar for all individuals in our industry to aspire to. Aside from echoing all of the characteristics detailed in Mike’s endorsements from my peers, more importantly he has honed all of these skills by working harder than anyone else. […] - William Fryer, Partner Practice – St. James’s Place Wealth Management
“It is with great pleasure I recommend Mike Coady. He is a generous professional who knows how to build real and sustainable relationships. I have known Mike for over a year. During that time, he has been honest, trustworthy, and is always willing to go above and beyond. He takes great honor in helping others […] - Subbah Razaq, Head of Client Relations – Guardian Wealth Management

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